Information Security

Protect your business.

Your business requires optimised solutions specifically designed and properly executed
to protect your business data and information.

Risk and Compliance

Working with our clients, we provide solutions to manage enterprise risk, maximise security compliance while minimizing risk, automating compliance and optimizing security.

Endpoint Security

Your business can benefit from solutions providing you protection. Given the scale of attacks and the magnitude of information to protect, it is increasingly imperative to protect systems from every point possible.

Privileged Access Management

Compromised privileged credentials almost certainly leads to data breaches. It is increasingly imperative to get solutions to monitor and protect privileged accounts across your business. We can help with that.

Network Security

Network Security solutions provide protection covering intrusion prevention, advanced behaviour analytics with state-of-the-art threat detection engines specially created to protect your organisation’s network.

Cloud Security

Your business requires optimised solutions specifically designed and properly executed to protect your business data and information. Work with us to protect your business.

Threat Intelligence

Manage security threats, detect and proactively prevent cyber security threats by leveraging on global threat intelligence solutions integrated into SOAR and SIEM products.

Data Protection

Working with the best cyber security companies in the industry, get efficient solutions that prevent and detect data loss, manage your data effectively and securely. Coverage also includes mobile phones, tablets, laptops and portable disks.

Cloud Access Security Broker

As services are migrated to the cloud, it is crucial to have visibility and control. Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions safeguards your business from attacks and meet compliance requirements.

Database Security

Save time and money by getting real-time protection for your business critical databases. Automate database discovery, build your own security policies and prioritise and resolve identified security gaps.

Email Security

Get the protection you need from malware and phishing attacks via email. Screen emails before it gets to employees. Stop spam emails from getting through, increase productivity by proactive email security.

Zero Trust Network Access

Protect your most valuable business assets by implementing Zero Trust solutions and services for all users, all connected devices across all connections continuously for Cloud Access, Privacy, Insider Threats, Remote Workforce and other critical areas.

Application and Change Control

Track and prevent track unwanted changes across all your business servers, endpoints and secure Fixed-function and Legacy systems by deploying Application Control solutions to protect against zero-day and advanced persistent threats.

We have partnered with the best breed security companies to offer you the best security possible and we are constantly listening to our clients to improve on services, response and offered solutions so we can aptly meet your needs in the very best way possible.

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